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| 07 SEPT - 09 SEPT

PSSN conference 2022, the nordic conference for mental health nurses, is back to unleash the full power of connectivity and innovation in nursing. Buy your pass and get ready to reconnect, reimagine and reinvent.


Nordic nursing- Improving mental health

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Jana keynote

Jana Mortensen

This keynote is not a presentation of scientific research, but presents some reflections, especially the view on autonomy in the western world, stemming from our own experiences with a psychiatric diagnosing process.

Johanna Salberg 2

Johanna Salberg

Zombies for hire! Is that what we are?
Nursing in psychiatric-mental health nursing has been described as a fading specialty lacking clarity in roles, responsibilities and structure. Experiences of an ongoing conflict between ideals and the reality of nursing in this context is evident for nurses.

Kari Eldal 2

Kari Eldal

The project represents a collaborative approach to mental health research. It comprises contributions from persons with personal experiences with mental illness and contributions from researchers. People with first person experiences have had a central role in deciding the focus of the study, have been involved in data analysis and dissemination of results.

Arndis Vilhjalmsdottir

Arndís Vilhjálmsdóttir

A vast majority of former female inmates have a history of trauma and tend to have complex issues marked by substance addiction and its consequences. The experience of female inmates in Icelandic prisons and their experience of addiction treatments during or after incarceration is not well documented.

Kjersti A

Kjersti Alsaker

In Norway in March 2022, new national guidelines were published for a master program in nursing in mental health, substance abuse, and addiction. The master program has changed from originally being an interdisciplinary program to being one monodisciplinary program in nursing in mental health and substance abuse, and one interdisciplinary program. The program will be implemented at Norwegian colleges and universities by 2023/2024.

Vicki Zabell

Vicki Zabell

This key note will raise views on the complexity of delivering care for people with multimorbidity with a special attention to coexisting diabetes and severe mental illness. What is required from healthcare providers and what is needed to support self-management in this population? The presentation will be supported by lived experiences from users and healthcare providers.

Morten og Torbjorn

Torbjørn Mohn-Haugen & Morten Brodahl

The use of peer support workers in mental health and addiction services have been increasing in Norway over the last 10 years. From international research we know that peer workers have positive impact on services both at the individual and service level. We also know that there are barriers when peer support workers are introduced to the workplace.

Lena og Petter

Lena Antonsen Stabell & Petter Jakobsen

Both speakers hold a master’s degree in evidence based practice and have over a decade of experience working in mental health research. They will share some of their own research as well as future perspectives on research and innovations within mental health, with particular focus on bipolar and schizophrenia disorders.

Marthe Valle - credit Mørkeby

Marthe Walle

(Foto Mørkeby)
Marthe Valle er en norsk sanger og låtskriver, født og oppvokst i Harstad, bosatt i Bergen. Hun er utdannet sykepleier. 24. oktober 2005 kom hennes første CD, It's A Bag Of Candy, som hun vant Spellemannprisen 2005 i kategorien «beste nykommer» for. I tillegg var hun også nominert i klassen beste kvinnelige artist samme år.